Lane Keep Assist Steering Intervention
Active safety system helps when unintentionally drifting from a lane.


All-New 2017 Buick LaCrosse
New 2017 model is the new face of Buick.

Lumbar Back Massage Performance
Lumbar massage intensity is aligned with lumbar adjustment settings.


Considering a New Computer?
Check IT Guidelines; Windows 10 Now Supported



GDS 2 Core and Diagnostic Package Updates
Keep GDS 2 up to date with latest core update and diagnostic package.



Night Vision Working in Daylight or Inoperative
Two conditions affect Night Vision performance.



Cleaning Excessive Carbon from Sticking Valves
Updated procedure for cleaning up valves and pistons of carbon.


Service Know-How
Emerging Issues seminar 10216.09V



New Electronic Transmission Range Select System
Shift-by-wire system is found on the new 2017 XT5 and LaCrosse.

Check Out the Service Information Technician Forum
Exchange ideas and repair tips with other GM dealership technicians.

2016 Technician Satisfaction Survey Coming Soon
Annual automotive industry survey looks at technician recruitment and retention.


UPDATE: Blu-ray Discs Not Playing
New software on CD now available for Rear Seat Entertainment systems.


Engine Wiring Harness Chafing Conditions
Several conditions may be due to engine wiring harness positioning.



Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Leak
Abnormal crankcase pressures may lead to an oil seal leak



Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restrictions
Current Engineering Information Processes, Exchanges and Part Restrictions


Service Know-How
Emerging Issues seminar 10216.08V

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