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    Oil Fill Capacities for all GM vehicles – CHART

  • Wow, just saw the Microsoft site outlining Windows 10..looks as if it will solve the compatibility issues effecting many
    business related software packages we are experiencing ..guess it was worth not going all in on 8.1

  • John Braun:

    In regards to the oil fill chart, contact me at johnb@brianmclean.ca.

  • William:

    After extensive diagnosis and replacement of parts (as per TAC) on a 2014 base radio truck for a usb inop concern, it turns out it only reads a usb drive formatted in fat32. This would explain why the third engineer I spoke with mentioned the MIT tool cannot be used to test the usb port. THE MIT is FAT and neither FAT nor NTSF formatted drives could be read by the base radio usb port.

  • Chris Griffin:

    Would like to see a fluid capacity, tire pressure and brake spec. Guide for 2010 to present GM vehicles.

  • steven:

    CORETTE STINGRAY 2014 rattling noise from torque tube in idle engine Runing time.

  • Ed.:

    There is no firm timeline for Techline applications to become compatible with Windows 8 Professional. PC manufacturers continue to offer Windows 7 Professional with their small/medium business line.

  • Hello,

    Can you give us any update on the progress of Tech2Win, SPS, and GDSII being Windows 8 compatible?


  • rex torgerson:

    i just gt done replacing the head gaskets on a 2008 express van with a 4.8L engine. the new head gaskets that GM is sending us with the vacumn sealed gasket is uncalled for. it makes it a lot harder to remove the head gasket from the package. now we have to be carefull not to bend the gasket. what was wrong with the old style of packaging. is the card board to much money? it looks like there is still the same amount of plastic so that is not it. this NEEDS to be changed.

  • Ed.:

    There are no known issues that would cause this symptom. The Techline Customer Support Center can help troubleshoot the concern. The toll free number is 1-800-828-6860. Thank you.

  • I am having trouble with si. after I enter in the make model and year and click next the screen pops up blank and tells me im not authorized to view this site. I have checked my permissions and see that I am not authorized….what’s up? Have a great day and thank you.

  • Ed.:

    We are aware of a no crank condition that can occur in cold weather (below 32 degrees) climates. After performing standard diagnosis and verifying power and crank voltages, please contact the Technical Assistance Center for further information. We are studying this issue and TAC has the latest repair information.

  • John Chapman:

    We have had several 2014 silverado’s with starter problems , The vehicle’s will not crank in cold weather ,Battery voltage is 12.1 volts at the terminals and at the starter when cranking… allowing the vehicle to warm up in the shop will allow for proper starting, we have expericenced the positive cable at the starter being too loose , any input would be greatful…

  • Drew Pritchard:

    Id like one

  • Knute:

    John Braun, I would be interested in that list. Don’t know how to contact you though

  • John Braun:

    I had inquired about a Oil Fill Capacities for all GM vehicles and was able to get one that Techlink had published previously and have added the new model years if anyone is interested.

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