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  • David Mills:

    Thanks for the reminder that not all radios have the same specification for USB.
    Some radios are more tolerant of the different formatting but it always pays to check the owner manual. I also keep a small selection of USB drives handy with different formats and file types.

  • Wow, just saw the Microsoft site outlining Windows 10..looks as if it will solve the compatibility issues effecting many
    business related software packages we are experiencing ..guess it was worth not going all in on 8.1

  • William:

    After extensive diagnosis and replacement of parts (as per TAC) on a 2014 base radio truck for a usb inop concern, it turns out it only reads a usb drive formatted in fat32. This would explain why the third engineer I spoke with mentioned the MIT tool cannot be used to test the usb port. THE MIT is FAT and neither FAT nor NTSF formatted drives could be read by the base radio usb port.

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