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  • Ed.:

    The EL-52100 MDI 2 is available for purchase at the Special Service Tools website, gmtoolsandequipment.com, or by calling 1-800-GM-TOOLS.

  • dennis:

    Why haven’t we received our mdi2?

  • Clint Murrow:

    Does anyone have info on why we are seeing so many reductant reservoir heaters failing lately????

  • tony:

    I liked the note on quic learn on keys ,it would be nice if the transmitters were as easy or if anyone knows a simple task to add one once you already have one learned and need to add one

  • Eric:

    Is there any timeline of when windows 10 will become compatible with gds2 and tis2web?

  • Scott Costello:

    Is there a brake pad thickness chart for gm vehicles? One showing the new thickness of pads.

  • Ed.:

    GM recently began a rollout of the new MDI Manager software, which includes updates for the upcoming MDI 2 hardware. The software is compatible with both the original MDI and the new MDI 2. The MDI 2 hardware will be released soon.

  • michael danks:

    hello everyone,
    just inquiring about release date for mdi 2? haven’t found anything pertaining to release date. ANY INFO AVAILABLE?

  • robert v:

    in reguards to tsb 150101002a if lifter spins in bore you will need a cam shaft also . just replaced one on a 2015 silverado 5.3 L with 1700 miles

  • FD:

    Now have been using the Dell COREI7 laptop I ordered built following the GM computer specs list. Have found while using the DATA BUS dia tool it now operates with out locking up or slowing down. Any idea on how soon MDI 2 will be available to order by techs?

  • Ed.:

    TechLink archives only go back three years. Refer to the appropriate Service Information for older model year information.

  • Mel:

    I’m looking for the archived techlinks prior to 2012. Can you point me to those?

  • Ed.:

    GM discontinued the Service Information DVDs because the amount of data out grew the disc. The website is the only source now available.

  • Chris:

    Does GM still offer Service Information on a CD? I tried searching the special tools site and on here but could’nt find anything. I remember they used to but stopped after a while. It would be very helpful because sometimes you need to bring the laptop to the vechicle and its not always inside in your bay…or when the internet goes down at least I can still diagnose stuff. Any input would be helpful, thanks

  • Ed.:

    Convenient links to maintenance items and maintenance replacement parts have been added to the Service Information for the 2012-2016 model years. These links put common maintenance resources all in one easy-to-find location. The Maintenance Items chart and Maintenance Replacement Parts document can be found after building the desired model and then selecting Service Manual > General Information > Maintenance and Lubrication > Specifications. Or users can keyword search for maintenance items or maintenance replacement parts.

  • Calvin Jones, Jr.:

    We need the ability to look up oil capacities, filters, types of oil, tire pressure in tables that a first grader can find in less than 2 minutes.

  • David Mills:

    Thanks for the reminder that not all radios have the same specification for USB.
    Some radios are more tolerant of the different formatting but it always pays to check the owner manual. I also keep a small selection of USB drives handy with different formats and file types.

  • Wow, just saw the Microsoft site outlining Windows 10..looks as if it will solve the compatibility issues effecting many
    business related software packages we are experiencing ..guess it was worth not going all in on 8.1

  • William:

    After extensive diagnosis and replacement of parts (as per TAC) on a 2014 base radio truck for a usb inop concern, it turns out it only reads a usb drive formatted in fat32. This would explain why the third engineer I spoke with mentioned the MIT tool cannot be used to test the usb port. THE MIT is FAT and neither FAT nor NTSF formatted drives could be read by the base radio usb port.

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