New 2017 Corvette Aero Packages
Different aero packages are to be installed during PDI.

Properly Remove/Replace Door Handle Key Cylinder Cover
Four door handle styles feature covered key cylinders.

Vehicle Time Out for Parasitic Draw Testing
New Vehicle Time Out chart lists how long certain modules stay awake.

Power Brake Booster Replacement
The power vacuum brake booster may need to be replaced if DTC P050F is set.

Loose Spark Plug Wires
Check for a missing “C” clip on the spark plug wire.

Active or History DTCs Set in the TCM
Several Transmission Control Solenoid Valve DTCs may be set.

Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restrictions
Current Engineering Information Processes, Exchanges and Part Restrictions

Service Know-How
Emerging Issues seminar 10216.10V

Corvette Driveline Support Assembly Replacement Procedure
Assembly must be properly aligned any time it’s removed.

Take the Service Technician Satisfaction Survey
2016 survey is active September 19 – October 14.

AFIT Adapter Cable Identification
Chart lists AFIT adapter cables and vehicle applications.

Airbag Connector Seating
Use “push/push” test to ensure complete connector seating.

Hydraulic Brake Conditions on Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
Don’t overlook hydraulic components when presented with brake conditions.

Special Programming Instructions for Service Replacement Radios
Certain service replacement radios do not require USB programming.

Testing for Accurate Fuel Economy Results
Tips to ensure accurate testing results are achieved.

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