Anti-Tamper Bracket Installation

To discourage unqualified individuals from attempting to repair the high-voltage battery cooling system, Volts built after January 27, 2012 (VIN# CU113809 and higher) are shipped with an anti-tamper bracket assembly in the rear compartment. The bracket is to be installed at the dealership during Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). The PDI form has been updated with this new step.


The anti-tamper bracket assembly (Fig. 8.) must be installed to the passenger-side of the high-voltage battery/power electronics coolant surge tank assembly after the coolant level is adjusted.


Fig 8


Coolant Level Adjustment


After completion of the PDI road test, adjust the coolant level to the top of the seam in the middle of the surge tank. (Fig. 9) This slight overfill condition will protect for the purging of trace amounts of air in the system that wasn’t purged during the road test.


Fig 9


Bracket Installation


Final adjustment of the coolant level must be followed by the installation of the anti-tamper bracket. The anti-tamper bracket R&I procedure can be found in the Service Information. Installation can be considerably streamlined with the use of a 10mm ratcheting box-wrench placed under the radiator upper cross-bar. (Fig. 10)


Fig 10


– Thanks to Scott Jesnig

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