Updating the MyLink Radio for New Apps

The BringGo/TuneIn/Siri Eyes Free bundle software update is an interim 2013MY production upgrade on 2013 Sonic and Spark models (and Trax models in Canada) equipped with MyLink.


Sonic, Spark and Trax models with MyLink built before the production upgrade can be upgraded at the dealership.


In the U.S., current owners of 2013 Sonics and Sparks equipped with the MyLink infotainment system will be contacted by GM to schedule a no-charge software update. Owners are instructed to make an appointment at the dealership if they are interested in using the new features and apps.


Dealerships also should plan to update vehicles currently in inventory during the PDI process so new owners have the latest software when they take delivery.


Programming Information


Refer to #PI0914 for complete information about programming the MyLink radio with the new calibration.


In addition to the new BringGo/TuneIn/Siri Eyes Free bundle software update, it also addresses several MyLink radio conditions regarding a Service Rear Camera message, FM or XM radio station default, XM operation, and inoperative Bluetooth functions.


Programming Instructions


The latest calibrations for the radio are available on TIS2Web. Reprogram the radio following the Service Programming System (SPS) procedures in the appropriate Service Information.


Next, update the radio again, this time using a USB flash drive. It requires a USB 2.0 flash drive with a minimum capacity of 4 GB. In TIS2Web, select A11 Radio USB File Transfer – Programming from the Supported Controllers screen.


Any existing data on the USB flash drive will be erased during the TIS2Web-to-USB flash drive download process. Once the software is downloaded to the USB, do not add any data to the flash drive. The USB 2.0 flash drive should be a known good device with a light to confirm the device is reading/writing when attempting to access.


After all the files are downloaded to the USB flash drive, eject the device from the computer and insert the USB flash drive in the radio USB port.


TIP: If the message “The following update file is invalid SMD file” is displayed, follow the steps in #PI0914 to change the date and time to continue programming.


When the update info screen appears, select Update. (Fig. 5) The USB 2.0 flash drive must be installed into the vehicle before selecting “Update Info.” Do not remove the USB flash drive while the update is in progress.


Fig 5


Once the USB programming has been completed successfully and all the steps in the programming procedure are completed, verify that there are two new icons (BringGo and TuneIn) displayed on the smartphone link screen. (Fig. 6)


Fig 6


– Thanks to Sara LeBlanc

2 Responses to “Updating the MyLink Radio for New Apps”

  • Ed.:

    The TuneIn and Siri integration is available globally, and is available as a software upgrade. Currently, the BringGo app will be available for the U.S. and Canada as well as Brazil, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

  • Noah Shabtai:

    Will this update fit on exported vehicles (Israel)?

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