New MyLink Apps in Radio Software Update

2013 Sonic and Spark models, including the upcoming 2014 Spark EV, (and 2013 Trax models in Canada) equipped with MyLink (Fig. 1) are becoming more connected than ever before. With a new radio software upgrade, more of customers’ favorite smartphone features and applications (apps) will now be accessible through the MyLink infotainment system.


Fig 1


In the U.S., current owners of 2013 Sonics and Sparks equipped with the MyLink infotainment system will be contacted by GM to schedule a no-charge software update. Owners are instructed to make an appointment at the dealership if they are interested in using the new features and apps.


TIP: The BringGo/TuneIn/Siri Eyes Free bundle software update is not a required update. Customers can choose to have their vehicle updated at their convenience if they are interested in the new capabilities.


Dealerships also should plan to update vehicles currently in inventory during the PDI process so new owners have the latest software when they take delivery.


Available New Apps


BringGo: A third-party embedded smartphone navigation app that displays 3-D maps, routes, traffic data and more on the touch-screen radio display (requires separate purchase).


Siri Eyes Free: Chevy Sonic and Spark (and Trax in Canada) are the first vehicles to offer Siri Eyes Free integration. Using a steering wheel-mounted button, iPhone 4s and 5 (or later) owners can use Siri to send text messages, set reminders and more.


TuneIn: A free service that lets users listen to any music, sports, or news radio station from around the world.


Mobile Phone Voice Recognition: Keeps a driver’s attention on the road by providing access to select mobile phone voice recognition features using a steering wheel-mounted button.


Plus, customers will still have access to their Pandora and Stitcher apps for a complete and connected infotainment experience. (Pandora is not available in Canada.)




These new features are available only for 2013 or later Sonic, Spark and Trax models equipped with the MyLink infotainment system. Owners of some 2013 Sonic, Spark and Trax models with the MyLink infotainment system will require the no-charge software update in order to be compatible. Other Chevrolet models as well as Sonic, Spark and Trax models without MyLink will not be able to use these features.


The BringGo navigation app is compatible only with select phones that meet the memory requirements. The BringGo app must be purchased separately from the iTunes or Google Play stores.


Siri Eyes Free is a feature of iPhone devices running iOS 6.1, so customers must be running the minimum operating system to use the service.


Customers with other mobile devices that have voice recognition capabilities may be able to access select features through MyLink.


Interim Upgrade Details


The BringGo/TuneIn/Siri Eyes Free bundle software update is an interim 2013 model year production upgrade on 2013 Spark, Sonic and Trax models equipped with MyLink.


Sonic, Spark and Trax models with MyLink built before the production upgrade may be upgraded at the dealership. These vehicles include those still in dealership inventory as well as those already purchased by customers.


A radio software update was released in February. Software update instructions are available in #PI0914.


Using the BringGo App


BringGo is a third-party embedded smartphone navigation app. (Fig. 2) There are three versions available for customer purchase from the iTunes or Google Play stores, including a $0.99 trial version and two full app versions with and without map updates.


TIP: Customers who are unsure of their phone’s compatibility or available memory should start with a 30-day trial of BringGo for $0.99.


Fig 2



To use BringGo, a compatible smartphone with at least 3.5 GB of internal memory is needed. Ideally, the phone should have 16 GB of internal memory in order to use BringGo along with other apps and services. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the phone’s compatibility.


Once the customer has purchased the BringGo app and downloaded it to the smartphone, these steps must be followed to begin using BringGo in the vehicle:


1. Connect the smartphone to the MyLink infotainment unit using a USB cable for iPhone or Bluetooth for Android
2. Once the smartphone is connected to MyLink, touch smartlink on the touch screen
3. Press the BringGo icon to begin navigation service


The app will automatically locate the customer’s current position on the map by receiving GPS signals from the phone. The first time the app is started, it may take several minutes to find the vehicle’s location. Once found, BringGo features can be accessed through the Main Menu by pressing the Menu icon.


Dealership Resources


In the U.S., additional information about the new Sonic and Spark MyLink features is available at Click “Library” to find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a reference guide. (Fig. 3) Both can be printed for reference with customers.


Fig 3


An in-dealership kit for the BringGo/TuneIn/Siri Eyes Free bundle software update is scheduled to be sent out in early March and includes a dealer letter, hang tags (Fig 4) for Spark/Sonic with MyLink, and 5 Things to Know trifold brochures.


Fig 4


If customers have questions, direct them to call 1-855-4-SUPPORT (1-855-478-7767).


In Canada, customers should contact the GM Canada Customer Care Centre at 1-800-263-3777 (English) or 1-800-263-7854 (French).


Specific BringGo support, including a user manual, can be accessed at


– Thanks to Sara LeBlanc


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