Service 4-Wheel-Drive Message

A Service 4 Wheel Drive message may be displayed on the Driver Information Center and DTC C0327 (Encoder Circuit) may be set as a current or history DTC in the Transfer Case Control Module on some 2004-2012 Colorado and Canyon four-wheel-drive models. This intermittent condition may happen mostly on an initial drive cycle or after several hours of sitting in cold or damp conditions. It also may occur occasionally when attempting to shift into or out of four-wheel-drive.


This condition may be easiest to duplicate under high electrical load conditions, such as when starting the engine or shifting the transfer case.


If a root cause is not determined after following the Service Information diagnostics, inspect circuit 550, ground circuit for the transfer case encoder motor channel circuits. (Fig. 11) Also check connector 2, terminal F7, in the underhood bussed electrical center. Check for proper terminal tension and corrosion and replace if necessary.


Fig 11

– Thanks to Steve Schipansky

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