Void in Carpet

The 2013 ATS built prior to December 21, 2012 may have an oval cutout or void in the carpet on the passenger’s side of the center console. (Fig. 7)


Fig 7


The carpet is cut correctly and does not need to be replaced. Instead, the carpet fit must be finessed. Remove the console to allow the carpet to rise to the proper position and then reinstall the console.


If the carpet does not come up enough for the cutout to be covered, the seat may need to be removed to allow the carpet some slack. (Refer to #PIC5807 before removing the seat bolts.)


If the cutout in the carpet (Fig. 8, 9, A) does not stay up under the console, foam may need to be added under the carpet on the floor (Fig. 8, 9, B)near the console.


Fig 8


Fig 9


Without the foam, the carpet is allowed to be pushed down and pulls the cutout with it.


– Thanks to David Antal

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