2014 Caprice PPV

The Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) has been equipped with several new features and enhancements for 2014 designed to provide a more tailored fit for law enforcement. (Fig. 1) These changes include an all-new column-mounted transmission gear selector, which opens up room for a standard steel center console mounting platform for police equipment.


2014 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Fig 1


New Features


The transmission gear selector has been relocated from the center console to the steering column. (Fig. 2)


Fig 2


The new open center console provides space for an equipment mounting platform, which comes installed as standard equipment, and serves as a heavy-duty foundation for a computer and other equipment typically used in police vehicles. (Fig. 3)

 2014 Chevrolet Caprice PPV

Fig 3


The all-new instrument panel features an 8-inch Chevrolet MyLink touch screen with Bluetooth® streaming audio, cell phone connectivity, and voice recognition. Applications requiring a USB connection are not compatible.


The revised front seats provide increased comfort and support for officers wearing a utility belt. Front hip room has increased to 57.5 in. from 56.7 in. The front seats have 4-way power seat adjusters and power lumbar adjustment.


The door lock button has been relocated to the top-rear of the door. Pull the interior door handle once to unlock and pull it again to open the door. In addition, standard trunk release buttons are on both front door interior panels.


The auxiliary battery, located in the trunk, has a higher capacity 700 CCA to power accessory equipment. (Fig. 4)



Fig 4


To deliver enhanced performance, electric power steering is standard. The thicker front struts (32 mm instead of 30 mm) and front stabilizer bar (26 mm instead of 24 mm) also provide improved handling.


Special Features


An auxiliary 110-amp ignition and main power supply wiring harness is located under the lower right side of the instrument panel. One 50-amp battery power circuit and two 30-amp relay controlled circuits are in a five foot coil provided for customer connection. The harness includes signal circuits for ignition power (Hot in Start/Run and Accessory/Run), vehicle radio mute, vehicle speed signal and park-enable.


Surveillance Mode is standard on the Caprice PPV. The Surveillance Mode circuit is terminated in cavity 1 of the 16 cavity upfitter connector P277, located at the passenger-side front of the equipment mounting platform.


When Surveillance Mode is activated by applying a ground to the White/Violet wire in cavity 1, all automatic lighting functions are suppressed. All manually operating lighting controls remain functional. If equipped with RPO VVS, Daytime Running Lamps and Automatic Headlamps Disabled, exterior lights are controlled manually. Surveillance Mode suppresses all of the following items:

• Radio display is off (audio remains on)

• Headlamps and tail lamps are off

• Dome lamps are disabled (inoperative at the lamp switches)

• All interior lighting is off

• Remote Lock/Unlock audible/visual functions are off


RPO 7Y6, Inoperative Dome/Courtesy Lamps, has been deleted for 2014 and replaced by a switch in the front dome lamp assembly. Activate the switch to have the dome lamps remain off when any door is opened, the vehicle is unlocked, or the key is removed from the ignition switch.


The Caprice PPV does not come equipped with OnStar.


Transport Mode


All 2014 model year vehicles leave the assembly plant with Transport Mode active to save battery power. The Driver Information Center (DIC) will display Transport Mode On when enabled.


TIP: The driver’s express power window learn procedure may need to be performed after turning off Transport Mode. When in Transport Mode, the remote function will be inoperative. As the Remote Keyless Entry will not allow remote unlocking of the vehicle, the vehicle will need to be unlocked with the mechanical key.


To disable Transport Mode:

1. Turn on the hazard flashers.

2. Apply the brake pedal.

3. Turn the ignition key to the Start position and hold for 15 seconds; continue to depress the brake pedal.

4. Transport Mode Off will display in the DIC when disabled.




The 2014 Caprice PPV uses the Global A electrical architecture, which requires the use of the GDS 2 for diagnostics.


For programming, the vehicle may be found under the Chevrolet Holden heading.




Two keys with Remote Keyless Entry functionality are provided for the Caprice PPV. Options 6E3 or 6E4 are available for police departments requiring a single key for the entire fleet. These common key options provide a single key with a specific code that is common to the door locks and ignition for all the vehicles in the vehicle fleet. They are not compatible with Impala, Tahoe and the previous Caprice police vehicles.


TIP: If the engine is running or the key is left in the ignition with the engine off, the Remote Keyless Entry function of a second key cannot be used to operate the door locks.


Pre-Delivery Inspection


The factory-installed rear disc brake rotor protection covers (Fig. 5) must be removed during the PDI. With the vehicle on a hoist, rotate the wheel while at the same time pulling the torn end of the cover away from the disc brake rotor and wheel. Ensure that all material is removed and repeat for the other side.



Fig 5


– Thanks to Brad Thacher


3 Responses to “2014 Caprice PPV”

  • Bruce:

    Dear M. Hale: the tip you are referring to did not say that one could not unlock the door with a second key; it said it could not be unlocked with the REMOTE Keyless Entry function of a second key…

    kind regards,
    CPT Bruce N.

  • Ed.:

    The car can be locked with the engine running, but not by using the key fob. Use the key in the door lock cylinder to lock the car.

  • M. Hale:

    Why can you not leave the engine running with the key in it and use the 2nd key fob to lock and unlock the doors? So now when I am on scene at a traffic accident with my code lights running I have the options of cutting off my engine to lock my doors and draining my battery or I can leave the engine running with the doors unlocked and pray that someone does not decide to steal my car. Really?

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