Supplement to High Feature V-6 Engine Timing Procedure

The following models offer the available high feature 3.6L V6 engine (RPO LY7, LLT, LFX, LF3), 2.8L V6 engine (RPO LP1) or 3.0L V6 engine (RPO LF1, LFW):


• 2013-2014 ATS, XTS

• 2012-2014 Impala

• 2012-2013 Caprice

• 2010-2014 Camaro, Terrain

• 2009-2014 Traverse

• 2008-2014 Enclave, Equinox

• 2008-2012 Malibu

• 2008-2010 Vue

• 2008-2009 Torrent

• 2007-2014 CTS, SRX, Acadia, Lacrosse (Allure – Canada only)

• 2007-2011 STS

• 2007-2010 Outlook

• 2007-2009 G6, Aura


The high feature V6 engine family features a camshaft drive system that consists of a primary timing drive chain driven by the crankshaft sprocket. The primary timing drive chain drives two intermediate drive shaft sprockets. Each intermediate drive shaft sprocket drives separate secondary timing drive chains, which drive the respective cylinder head’s intake and exhaust camshaft position actuators.


When timing the high feature V6, refer to the latest version of #PIP4384 for valuable supplemental information. It contains several pictures and other information that may be helpful when timing the engine. (Fig. 11) Consult the appropriate Service Information for complete timing procedure information.

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Fig 11


TIP: For additional information, view video 10208.01D, January 2008 Emerging Issues, from the GM training website (U.S. only). In Canada, view Tech Assist video 16038.01W, Timing the High Feature 3.6L V6 Engine, on the training website and a related video in the GM GlobalConnect Service Library under Technician Resources >TAC Talk Video Help.


Before beginning the timing procedure, keep these items in mind:


• In a front-wheel-drive vehicle, it may be easier to remove the engine before beginning.

• When removing the front cover, be sure to remove the belt tensioner and all the bolts. Damage may occur to the block if this procedure is not followed.

• When removing the front cover, do not pry against or strike the cam actuators. This will cause damage to the reluctor or actuator.

• Intake cam actuators have marks on them for the Right Bank (R) and the Left Bank (L). They must be positioned respectively.

• Be sure to note the orientation of the injector wiring harness. The harness with connector should come out on the front side of the engine. If installed backwards it will cause misfires and/or fuel trim DTCs.

• 4-screw Delphi cam actuators and 5-screw Aisin cam actuators are interchangeable, but require the correct shim behind them when applicable. 4-screw Delphi actuators use a 0.043 in. shim and the 5-screw Aisin actuators use a 0.063 in. shim.


– Thanks to Aron Wilson

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