Updated Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub/Spindle Replacement Procedure

When replacing the rear wheel bearing and hub/spindle on 2011-2014 Caprice PPV; 2014 Chevrolet SS; and 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 models, the proper tools must be used as outlined in the appropriate Service Information.


To press out the axle, use the wheel nuts to attach tool J-42129 and remove the spindle. (Fig. 8)


F08 tool

Fig 8


To remove the spindle from the rear wheel bearing, use a hammer and punch tool DT-51438. (Fig. 9)

 F09 punch

Fig 9


TIP: The wheel bearing must be replaced every time the wheel hub is removed. It will be damaged when pressing out the wheel hub flange.


– Thanks to Brad Thacher

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