Front Door Window Jamming

The driver or passenger front door window may become jammed and will not rise above half-way on some 2011-2014 Caprice PPV, SS, and 2008-2009 G8 models. The front edge of the door glass may become dislodged from the front window run channel and seal. This usually occurs when the front door has been slammed closed with the window fully lowered.


TIP: Once the glass has become dislodged from the front window run channel and seal, the metal channel will likely be distorted and need to be replaced. The seal normally does not require replacement.


Add Foam Spacer


When replacing the window front run channel (Fig. 5), it’s necessary to add a foam spacer (part number 92289653) to both front doors.


To add the foam spacer, remove the front window run channel from the door.


F05 window run channel

Fig 5


Fit the foam spacer to the bottom outboard side of the new replacement front window run channel. Ensure the spacer is centered, glue side down, on the channel and positioned 5 mm (0.20 in.) from the bottom end. (Fig. 6)


F06 window spacer 5mm

Fig 6


With the new front window run channel in the door, the foam spacer (Fig. 7, A) should touch against the side intrusion beam. (Fig. 7, B)


F07 window side beam

Fig 7


After properly securing the run channel and window glass on the affected door, add the foam spacer to the other front door between the front window run channel and the door side intrusion beam.


For additional information, refer to Bulletin #12-08-64-004A.


– Thanks to Brad Thacher

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