Weather Conditions’ Effect on High-Performance Brake Components

Some 2012–2015 Camaro SS, Camaro ZL1; 2013–2016 ATS; 2014–2016 CTS (VIN A); 2014–2015 Camaro Z/28, Caprice PPV, Corvette, and SS models may be hard to move after the vehicle has been parked for a period of time. A crunch sound right before the vehicle starts to move may be heard.

Depending on how long the vehicle has been parked, the weather conditions in which the vehicle was parked, and how recently the vehicle has been washed, the condition may be a simple noise when the vehicle first moves or, at the extreme, the vehicle cannot be moved out of the parking space.

This condition may be due to the brake pads freezing to the vehicle’s rotors. Do not replace any brake components for this condition.

High performance brake components (Fig. 11) have a tendency to lightly bind, often noted as resistance, and then lightly clunk when attempting to move the vehicle forward or rearward after a cold soak. This is usually noticed after parking, when the brakes have been wet, such as when driving in the rain or just after a car wash. This is expected of high performance brakes with high friction pads and does not affect the operation or performance of the brakes.

2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Fig 11

If a residual roughness is felt when braking, it can be easily cleaned by applying the brakes several times until the roughness is gone. If washing the vehicle prior to long-term storage, it is recommended that the vehicle be driven and the brakes applied several times before storing the vehicle.

– Thanks to Matt Bierlein

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