Wheel Alignment Specifications Updated in 2012

Recently in TechLink, [link to March 2012 article] the importance of double-checking wheel alignment specifications was highlighted. The only recommended source of current, accurate wheel alignment specifications (both targets and tolerances) is the Service Information. The specifications indicated on the wheel alignment rack should always be verified with the appropriate Service Information.


In the first quarter of 2012, the following models had updated/changed wheel alignment specifications:


2007-2012 Acadia

2007-2012 Enclave

2009-2012 Traverse

2010-2012 Corvette

2010-2012 LaCrosse

2011-2012 Regal


Check the alignment specifications for these models in the appropriate Service Information against the alignment machine specifications before performing an alignment. Be sure to take into account all related option content on the vehicle, including tire and suspension RPOs. These updated specifications most likely will not be included in the latest specifications from alignment machine manufacturers.


Not using the correct specifications as shown in the Service Information may result in a warranty claim being subject to review.


– Thanks to David MacGillis

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