Static Sound on Outbound Bluetooth Calls

On some 2017 Colorado and Canyon models equipped with the color radio (RPO IOB) with the 7-inch screen (Fig. 19), a buzz or static sound may be heard during the first 5-20 seconds of an outbound Bluetooth call. Only the person receiving the call, not the occupant of the vehicle, hears the sound.


Fig. 19


This example of the buzz sound demonstrates it may be similar to the noise of a foghorn.


In addition, the sound may occur only with the engine running, and may also be affected by placing the vehicle in gear.


If this condition is found, pair a phone to the vehicle, start the engine, and place a Bluetooth call to verify the person receiving the call hears the buzz sound during the first 5-20 seconds of the call.


If the sound is confirmed, command the generator off with GDS2 to determine if the sound is temporarily eliminated. If it is, do not replace any parts. SPS program the radio with the latest TIS2 Web calibrations. The rear camera calibration description should read “New calibrations to resolve interference with Bluetooth devices during hands-free calling.” USB programming will not correct this issue.


– Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst


Updated November 29, 2017

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