Proper Oil Filter Use on the 1.4L Engine

The 1.4L turbocharged engine (RPO LUV) available in 2013-2018 Encore, 2016 Cruze (VIN P), 2013-2015 Cruze, and 2013-2018 Sonic and Trax models uses two different oil filters. It’s important to correctly identify and use the correct oil filter for the engine.


Two different suppliers provide the oil filter housing assembly for the 1.4L engine. Each housing assembly requires a different oil filter. The correct oil filter must be used based on the oil filter housing assembly application.


Use the VIN to identify the correct vehicle in the electronic parts catalog (EPC). For part number and usage, see Filter Kit, Oil in Group 01.836 in the EPC.


TIP: Install a new oil filter cap seal ring (Fig. 9, C) at each oil change. Ensure the oil filter cap (Fig. 9, B) is completely seated on the oil filter housing assembly (Fig. 9, D) and the filter (Fig. 9, A) fits properly in the housing. If the cap is not completely seated, an oil leak may occur. Do not overtorque the oil filter cap.


Fig. 9


– Thanks to Jeff Kropp

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