SPS Updated to Prohibit or Warn about Programming with Same Calibration

In an effort to decrease the number of unneeded programming events, reduce the risk of programming-induced faults, and support timely vehicle repairs, the Service Programming System (SPS) has been updated recently to prohibit or warn users against programming a control module with the same calibration that is already present in the control module. This SPS change prohibiting reprogramming using the same calibration applies to all 2017-2018 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models.


Prohibited Programming


On 2017 and newer models, reprogramming a control module with the same calibration that is already in the control module will be prohibited by SPS. Users who attempt to reprogram a control module with its current calibration will receive the warning message “You are attempting to reprogram with the same calibration. This is not allowed for the selected ECU.” (Fig. 1) Selecting OK will end the programming event.


Fig. 1


Warning on Same Calibration


On 2016 and older models, programming a control module with its current calibration is not prohibited, but is not a recommended service procedure. Users who attempt to reprogram a control module with the same calibration will receive a warning message. (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2


Selecting Cancel will stop the programming event. If OK is selected, a second warning will appear. (Fig. 3)


Reprogramming with the same calibration is not recommended, but selecting OK again on the second warning message will allow the programming event to proceed.


Fig. 3


These warning messages do not indicate an issue with the control module in question and that it should be replaced, only that the control module already has the calibration being programmed. Follow the diagnostic procedure in the appropriate Service Information to determine the root cause.


– Thanks to Andrew McKittrick


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5 Responses to SPS Updated to Prohibit or Warn about Programming with Same Calibration

  1. Ed. says:

    It would be a rare event for SPS to program calibrations and then time out of a connection. This may be a network issue. Contact TCSC next time this condition occurs so it can be investigated further.

  2. Darryl Smith says:

    What about the instances where you’re programming a module, and it takes so long to program that the computer you’re using loses the server on GM’s end and you can’t get a warranty code and HAVE TO reprogram again to get a WCC just so you can get paid for doing it the 1st time……? GM’s server won’t hold on to a connection long enough to get through many programs. This has nothing to do with download speed, the software gets onto the PC in no time, but programming through the MDI’s to the vehicle may still take so long that when it’s done programming and it goes back to the server to get the wcc, the server has dropped the connection….. then you’re screwed…..

  3. Ed. says:

    For all cases where there is a legitimate need for programming with the same calibrations and/or software, contact the Techline Customer Support Center. They will follow a process that will allow the dealership to program with the same calibration/software as a normal programming event, even with same data. These cases are normally explicitly stated in service bulletins, and should be referred to when this type of programming is needed.

  4. todd puccio says:

    so what about instances when TAC wants us to reflash an ecm to get rid of a code or something that is latched in the ecm and a battery disconnect will not do it. case in point an duramax with def codes latched in the ecm.
    case #2 HMI updates via usb need a sps update to get the calibrate device message off the screen that is only fixed by a sps base reflash. if the base part # is the same we can not reprogram the HMI because the part # is the same. easy fix make sps the way it was. harder fix for every usb update of the month for the HMI will need a base part # change so it can be re flashed

  5. mekete says:

    helpful information

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