Get Real-Time Feedback with the TAC Dealer Case Management System

Did you know the new Dealer Case Management (DCM) system allows U.S. GM dealership service technicians to create, view, and update GM Technical Assistance Center (TAC) cases in real-time? DCM increases the speed and efficiency of case management to help improve communication with technicians, and in turn, enhance the quality and service experience for GM customers.


Using the DCM system, technicians have the ability to quickly communicate back and forth with TAC advisors. (Fig. 1) There is no need to take notes because all communication is documented in the DCM system. A list of case activities at the bottom of the screen show how the case has progressed as well as its current status.


Fig. 1


Currently, users are averaging less than a 15-minute response time for feedback on a case, which means technicians spend less time on the phone and more time addressing customer concerns and building stronger customer relationships.


Dealer Case Management App


To access the DCM, go to the App Center on GlobalConnect. Select Service from the Department drop-down menu and then select Dealer Case Management System & Resources from the list of apps. The DCM launch box will appear. Click the Launch button to open the application. (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2


The system includes case management for the Voice of the Customer (VOC), Customer Assistance Center (CAC), and Technical Assistance Center (TAC). With these systems combined, dealerships can manage all customer issues from one central location.


Training Aids


There are several training aids available for learning about how to use the DCM system. To begin, select the App Resources button that is included in the DCM launch box on GlobalConnect.


From the DCM training main page, select the link to TAC to access specific training materials about using the DCM system for TAC cases. (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3


The training page includes training developed for each specific business unit. It features various types of learning methods based on your preference, including:

  • DCM Reference Guide
  • How-to videos (Fig. 4)
  • Center of Learning Web-based training (four part module)
  • Recorded WebEx sessions
  • Job aids


Fig. 4


Under the Getting Started with TAC tab, technicians can review some of the basics about using the DCM system, such as:

  • How to open a TAC case
  • How to review a TAC case & add attachments
  • How to request to close a TAC case
  • How to search for existing TAC resolutions


TIP: Also check out course VMVDC.M17W2 Dealer Case Management: Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Case Handling on the Center of Learning. It’s a short, interactive course for service technicians.


These DCM TAC FAQs also provide more information. (Fig. 5)


Fig. 5


– Thanks to Elizabeth Hathaway


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