No Communication with the Power Steering Control Module

A Service Power Steering message may be displayed intermittently on the Driver Information Center of the 2012 Verano while driving. During diagnosis, there may not be any communication with the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM). Plus, DTC U0131 (Lost Communication with Power Steering Control Module) may be set in other control modules.


TIP: When using GDS 2, if a “Power Steering Not Supported” message is received, delete the vehicle session from GDS 2 and reload the vehicle to verify the correct RPOs were selected when building the vehicle.


Inspect for a loose X5 connection at the Underhood Bussed Electrical Center (UBEC) 80 amp fuse for the PSCM. (Fig. 4) If the X5 connection is found to be loose, repair as necessary and verify repairs.


Fig 4


– Thanks to Bryan Brunner

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