Repairing ContiSilent Tires with Quiet Foam

The new 2018 Regal features the first GM application of Continental ContiSilent tires, which are manufactured with quiet foam within the tires for a quieter ride on the road. (Fig. 10) If the ContiSilent tires have a puncture in the tire tread area, the tire can be repaired but requires some additional repair steps compared to a traditional tire repair.

Fig. 10

First, identify the location of the object that has punctured the tire in the tread area. (Fig. 11) If the tire can be repaired, the quiet foam must be removed prior to sealing the puncture.

Fig. 11

In the punctured tread area inside the tire, remove a piece of the quiet foam, 101 mm (4 inches) wide, across the whole section of foam. (Fig. 12) Do not discard the piece of foam.

Fig. 12

Be sure to remove the foam without damaging the inner liner surface. Additional buffing may be needed to completely remove the foam adhesive from the inner liner surface. (Fig. 13)

Fig. 13

After the tire repair has been made, reinstall the foam piece using the cement that was used to plug the puncture.

– Thanks to Lori Brohl and Kevin Minor

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